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New van delivered

Had my van personally delivered by Mathew Atkinson from Clapham Commercials great service throughout the purchase. A Renault Trafic LWB van Euro 6 compliant less emissions, I went for the Automatic making driving easier and with the Sport model comes …
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Folkestone town

Long trip down to Folkestone when I came across this prominant archway. This rather beautiful arch stands on the Leas on the cliffs to the west of Folkestone harbour. It’s been four years in the making. But Folkestone gained a …
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Nelson’s Column

Taking in one the many sights today albeit waiting at the traffic lights. Here’s one little fact….. The actual height of Nelson’s Column, from the bottom of the pedestal to the top of Nelson’s hat, is 169 ft 3 in …
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Farnborough International Air Show

Getting goods to a show at hall 5 inside Farnborough International Air Show. An early start to get them on time for 07:00hrs ready for the customer to finish his set up for the day .


Hull Bridge

Took a stop here at a car park in Hessle Foreshore on Cliff Road, it brings you right under the bridge. The bridge was opened to traffic on the 24th of June 1981 it’s a single span suspension bridge measuring …
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Pay on Time Member

Now a member of Pay on Time. The Complete Guide to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Association. Helping UK businesses get paid for over 100 years. Visit Pay On Time website



The City of Chester is a great place to visit. Take a walk along the Roman Walls, see the Towers and the stunning views on the way. It has one of the most attended Horse Racecourses in the UK, set …
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Ely Cathedral a great traditional landmark. A vast church built what looks like the middle of nowhere, very visible from surrouding areas. I believe the Cathedral came first then the town evolved around it later. Supposed to be beautiful inside.



A long time since I’ve been to Plymouth, but did you know there are apparently around 50 Towns and Cities around the world that share the same name, ah there’s only one Plymouth Unforntunately I didn’t have time to take …
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Classic photo of the valley bridge in Scarborough a well known landmark. If you ever get a chance to stand in the middle and look out to the sea, there’s two things. Firstly, not only do yovalley bridge scaru have …
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A little time out to take in this beautiful view of Whitby coastline. In the distance are the ruins of St. Mary, whose churchyard on Whitby’s East Cliff gave Bram Stoker the inspiration to write his world famous book, Dracula. …
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Dower House/Stoke Park, Bristol

One of Bristol’s prominent Landmarks set on Purdown, a hill set above the M32 on the approach to the city. A Grade 11 listed building with a orangey/yellow colour set in the grounds of Stoke Park. Used by the Dukes …
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A very good piece of equipment, one of the smallest around. On playback, when connected to laptop (usb) the HD quality is so clear and easy to download if needed to be stored. Has a wide angled lens so covers …
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"Thank you Andy for you reliable and trustworthy service! Very much appreciated and great facility to be able to track the delivery of parcels."

Mrs Victoria Mead, Fifield Glyn Chartered Surveyors, Northwich.

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